Specializing in Divorce, Child Custody and Support

Jordon Sanger has devoted his practice primarily to family law for over 25 years and represents wives, husbands, moms, dads, grandparents and, by court appointment, children. He is known for his mediation and conflict resolution success, and for his fierce protection of children's best interests, as well as advocating aggressively and effectively for his clients’ interests in Court.

Because family-related legal issues can be a source of immense emotional strain and confusion, it is essential to work with an experienced, competent and successful family law attorney. Mr. Sanger can help you understand your rights and options under Colorado family law, provide you with a realistic analysis of your case and provide effective representation and counsel.

As a sole practitioner, Jordon Sanger is involved in every aspect of your case. No case is assigned to an associate. You will speak with Mr. Sanger personally in your initial consultation. Call today to discuss your situation on the phone or in his office.


I have relied on Mr. Sanger's strength as an experienced family law attorney to guide me through my difficult divorce process. He is compassionate and sensitive to my needs yet he can be aggressive when necessary. I trust him as an advisor to give me good advice, not just what I want to hear. He thinks about my needs and puts our children first. He is respectful, caring, intelligent and a problem solver. I am thankful that I chose Jordon Sanger to assist me with my divorce.
Filing for divorceafter 30 years of marage was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Jordon was very compassionate about our situation and understood my desire to make our divorce as respectful as possible. Jordon was helpful to both of us. My husband was very impressed that Jordan's first questions were for my safety. Jordon was willing to compromise on some areas where he could and was firm on others where he knew it would be in my best interest. I would recommend Jordon.